My story

Hello my sewing Peeps

Where to begin .. Well I have had a passion for sewing for about 27 years. My parents bought me my first Kenmore sewing machine for my 13th birthday, if my memory serves me. I was thrilled!! For my home economics class, I made a dress complete with a zipper, while my classmates assembled stuffed animal kits by hand. And that is when it all started. From there, I was on to making a lot of my own clothes. I started making senior prom dresses for girls when I was still in Junior high, those gals were very trusting with their fancy fabrics and notions. I can't count the number of prom and bridesmaids dresses I sewed up on the Kenmore machine. I spent all my babysitting money at the local Fabricville, and most of my free time creating garments. After high school, I had a few interesting jobs, few of which involved sewing, I worked at a fish plant for about 5 years, during this time I was trying feverishly to get a job sewing at Helly Hansen. After many attempts I finally got on with them, and thought this was the job of my dreams. Sewing all day and getting paid for it, what could be better? Well it turns out that working at a job with 70 or 80 other gals, and twice that many personalities, was nothing short of crazy. A lot of drama and rumors, oh my! I worked in their production plant for about 4 years, until I unfortunately was hit by a cement truck while driving my Hyundai Accent .. Ouch! During my long recovery, a job was posted in their purchasing department. I applied and sure enough, when I returned to work, the job was mine. I became one of their raw goods and finished goods buyers during my time in that department. I soon moved on to a job with a local stationery company, doing their buying. It was ok for about 3 years, then again I was moving on, to bigger and better opportunities. I am currently employed with the government as a 911 operator/fire dispatcher. It is rewarding work that has its times of stress but also has its times of happiness and joy, when you are able to help someone in need. One day before my shift at my current job, I had volunteered for a friend to be a shooter gal at their pirate themed party. All was going well, the shooters filled with bright jello and booze were disappearing quickly! I left dressed in my somewhat revealing wench costume(that I had made, of course!) and headed to work, only to find out that I had left my work clothes on the stairs at home. I quickly called my sweetie to bring me my work clothes, but there was no time, I had to start my shift. So I walk into my work place looking like a pirate hooker, for lack of a better term! High heels, fish net stocking, the whole thing! As you can imagine, I got a lot of strange looks from my coworkers! Yikes, talk about feeling like a idiot! Well one of my coworkers, who had been my mentor at the beginning of my career there, got great joy in my embarrassing blooper! He thought that it would be great to start calling me Buckie, short for buccaneer! Well, to say the least, it stuck. I am, for the most part, known at my work and somewhat beyond as Buckie. Now I am embarking on this new journey, selling amazing fabrics to people with the same joy for sewing as I have. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and I hope you will share your amazing creations on the It's Sew Buckie Facebook page. 


Buckie aka Melissa